10 Benefits of Blogging

Blogging has not only become a hobby, but is now a tool that many companies and brands use on their website. So, as a business, what are the benefits of it?


Increases search engine ranking

Probably the most well known benefit of blogging for a business, is that it can increase your ranking in a search engine. Creating blog content, which is tagged correctly, titled appropriately or generally SEO-rich will increase your chances of visibility when searched for online.


Creates more brand awareness and leads

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Blogging not only increases your search engine ranking, but also helps get your brand name out there, which means the audience will know you exist. By appearing in search engines you could attract a new and wider audience, thus creating more brand awareness.




Having an increased amount of traffic to your website could also generate more leads. It is a great way to draw in new ‘customers’ who might require your products or services.


Helps to build your businesses name

Blogging is a great way to provide your audience with important information and keep them updated on industry news, for example. By blogging about key aspects within your respective industry, you may help to build your brand name.

Writing blog posts will create a buzz around your brand and business, and potentially contribute to labelling you as one of the top influencers within your industry.


Build interaction with your audience

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Blogging could help to increase interaction with your audience and potential customers. Using conversation enabling sentences such as ‘leave us a comment below, at the end of your blog posts, will open the door for readers to leave their comments, thus creating the opportunity for engaging with your readers.


It is important to promptly reply back to any comments that are left, so you can start to build a relationship with your audience.


Gain feedback

Blogging will also help you gain feedback not only on your posts, but also potentially about your brand in general. You’ll be able to follow which of your posts are being read more than others. Using this you may then decide to write more or less on certain types of content.


Keeps you in the know10-Benefits-of-Blogging-Keeps-You-in-the-Know-Juliana-Rego-PR-Communications-Blog

Often, having a blog will mean you need to be up-to-date with the latest news on your industry, so you can create posts around it. Blogging about industry news and trends will also show your audience you know what’s happening and they can gain insight into your views.

Personally, it may also help you (the writer) to learn something new about your industry and what is going on within it.


Free content marketing

Adding a blog section to your website and keeping it updated is free content marketing. Blogging doesn’t cost anything and so is an ideal method to get your content out there, as well as build your content marketing strategy.


Works hand-in-hand with Social Media

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Blogging and social media are two things that work well together. By creating a blog, you have even more content to share on social media. This will in turn create even more awareness of your business and brand.

Combining it with social media lets your audience and social media followers know that you, as a brand are in the know of what’s happening within your industry.


It’s another great opportunity to interact with your customer’s and/your audience.


Gives you an insight into your audience

Alongside helping to build a relationship with your audience, blogging allows you gain insights into them. Setting up analytics is a great way to find out more about your audience and readers on your blog. With many analytics software options available, finding one that suits your business requirements is pretty easy.

For example, you can discover the age range that your blog attracts as well as the most popular geographical area that your blog readers come from. Using these analytics could be very beneficial to blogging, as you can potentially tailor your posts to your attracted readership.


Humanises your business


Blogging will add that human factor to your brand, showing your audience that it’s not just robots running the company. It may help to put a name to a brand as well.

A vast majority of brands and businesses are embracing the tool of blogging and seeing the benefits.

Are you?

If you haven’t jumped on the blogging bandwagon yet, get in touch and find out how we can help you and your business. We can write your blog posts for you and take out all the hassle of looking after and maintaining your blog. Get in touch through our website or over on Twitter.