5 Benefits of Content Collaboration

It can be a little boring to push out article after article on your website or blog without any input from anyone else. You might find yourself regurgitating the same type of posts more than you think. Inviting others into your writing and content can keep your content feeling fresh and bring a lot more ideas to the table.

This doesn’t just mean collaborating with people inside your company, but a lot of the time it’s about collaborating with people on the outside. By contacting experts from around the world in your field, whether they are friends, influencers or allies, there are many ways to incorporate others into your content strategy and benefit from getting them involved in your content marketing process.

The answers can be right at your fingertips; you simply need the tools to help you find them. I’ve compiled a handy list of popular tools that can help determine what’s working for you and your competitors, and what isn’t; the reasons behind it, and how your audience is reacting.

Here are 5 benefits of content collaboration:

1- Improves the quality of your content

When more than one mind comes together, you’re able to come up with a variety of ideas and a lot that you may not have had a first thought of. We can all be quite set in our ways when it comes to producing content for our brands, but collaborating with other people can improve the quality and take you in different directions. Their wisdom, expertise and insights are the ticket to adding serious value to your content.

2- Makes content marketing more fun

Working with others keeps it more interesting. You’re able to interact with experts and brands on a regular basis to bring more fun to your daily routine. It allows you to get out from behind your word document and interact with others. Collaborating with a new partner provides your followers with high quality content you may not have been able to create yourself. This way, it builds up your own skill set as you may learn things you’ve not been able to achieve before.

3- Helps build relationships

Building relationships with other likeminded people and brands is always beneficial for your business, so connecting with others through content collaboration can almost always lead onto other ventures. If successful, you’ll both be more inclined to look into different projects and campaigns you could potentially work on together, thus improving your marketing strategies further.

4- Helps Drive Traffic

Your contributors also have an audience, who will most likely share the content across to their following too. It’s an easy way to drive traffic to your site and social media pages of potential new customers and fans, especially if you’re collaborating with people or brands with a similar ethos to you. It’s also inevitable if they have a large following too as well.

5- It’s cost efficient

Creating brand awareness is the core basis of any marketing strategy, and sometimes you need to dig into your budgets in order to create results. However, content collaboration is one of the most cost-efficient ways to really see success, as in return, you’re both doing each other a favour. Although some contributors may have a price, most will just want to exchange their efforts in seeing an increase of traffic or following to their own pages.

Partnering in today’s marketing environment isn’t easy, but if you have the humility to believe that everyone’s audience is valuable and the confidence to share your audience with others, you will see, first hand, the benefits of content collaborating collaboration.

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