6 Creative Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following


Year on year the popularity of Instagram continues to rise, with expected figures predicting the platform to generate a massive 5.8 billion by 2020. With 700 million monthly users and sky-high engagement levels, Instagram is fast becoming the most important social media platform to get spotted, and to accumulate a large following. I understand this can be tricky, so I’ve listed six creative, organic ways for you to grow your Instagram following, quickly and easily!


When Instagramming, the majority of us now understand that to look like a pro, you need the perfect image, the right angle and the perfect filter – it’s common sense now right? However, what many users aren’t aware of is making sure their entire profile looks good when viewed by potential followers. They want a profile that stands out and is attractive to look at, so give them something to fall in love with! Pick a theme, whether it’s colourful, monochrome or clean and basic; and whichever suits your brand the best, choose and stick to it. You’ll find your followers grow as your profile begins to look professional and very easy on the eye.


This tip can work really well especially if your Instagram is focused around a particular industry, i.e. fashion, lifestyle, food etc. By discovering users who post about similar topics, you can begin to build authentic relationships by liking a few of their photos, leaving genuine comments and giving them a follow. This way these users are more likely to follow you back whilst also helping you to get your name out there.

Visiting new cities, bars and restaurants are a perfect place to Instagram your next picture, so this tip can really come in handy! We all love to show off a new city we’ve been to, or a plate of tasty food we’re about to eat; so don’t forget to add a geotag(A geographical location tagged in an image or video). This way, users who use the same geotag or search for that particular location will be able to view your image and your profile, potentially, giving you a follow!


When it comes to increasing your following, hashtags are often overlooked. If you take the time to find the ones that work for you, it can really help to increase engagement on your posts – so don’t underestimate them! Rather than using popular hashtags e.g. #food #summer, etc. try to use community-oriented specific hashtags that drive user engagement and helps to turn your profile into a brand. For example, if you’re posting a picture of your pet pug, instead of using the hashtag #dog, you could use #pugstagram or #pugsofinstagram to connect you with likeminded users who are all interested in this particular subject. You are then more likely to appear on the Instagram ‘explore’ page, helping to increase exposure, engagement and like-minded genuine followers!


Organising a contest or giveaway can be a fun and exciting way to gain engagement and to gain new followers. Be sure to ask your users to do something for you in return, for example like your image, tag some friends, or follow you on Instagram. This way you can generate real engagement and not just on that particular post, but on your account as a whole! Just make sure you work towards an end goal and have thorough plan in place. For creative ideas and inspiration, I’ll soon be publishing an article on Instagram Contest Ideas to Engage Your Followers.


Instagram’s new algorithm has been quite controversial, with users complaining they’re missing out on posts or seeing too much of the same things. But it looks like it is here to stay, so we might as well make the most of it. Posts with the most engagement will now appear at the top of your newsfeed, so it’s more important than ever to ensure you get as many likes and comments as possible. Asking your followers to ‘tag a friend,’ can really help to gain high engagement levels, even with users who otherwise would’ve not seen your post. So make sure your post is at the top of the newsfeed and doesn’t get missed!

Whether you decide to try all of my tips, or just the one, you’ll be sure to increase your following without spending a penny. With buying followers now becoming so easy, it is important not to fall into the trap, as it usually results in no engagement and zero sales. So follow my creative tips and you’ll be sure to increase your following whilst also securing new sales.

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