6 Tips for Maintaining Visibility in a Crowded Market


Are you selling a unique product or service? Chances are you’re not, and that’s not a bad thing, the reality is some of today’s best selling products aren’t all that new or original, and there’s probably many other brands that sell almost exactly the same product or service. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to have a successful business; it’s all about how you market your brand, and what you do to stand out from the crowd.

Take Google for example. Search engines were already invented before Google was even a thing, yet they still managed to make billions of dollars in profit and become the most successful in their market. They didn’t just get lucky, it was all because they differentiated themselves from the competition and presented themselves in a unique way.


Before you start to sell anything, you need to work out your USP (unique selling point). A USP is the force behind a brand’s growth, it’s what your customers remember you for, and it’s the reason they choose you over competitors. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing, and a well thought-out USP can help create a buzz, in other words, people passing on the message that your brand is the best.

To define your USP, you need to have a thorough understanding of your brand and proposal. Think about your brand’s identity and values. By clearly defining what your brand stands for, you will be able to create a unique proposition that is unlike any other in your market. Whether you rely predominantly on your brand’s identity to resonate with customers, or unique selling points that relate directly to your product or service, once you have your USP, run with it!! Market it until you can market it no more; this is how you get noticed.


In so many cases, it’s the passion behind a brand that powers the profits. Take Aldi for example, they’re in one of the most crowded markets out there, the supermarket industry. Aldi market their unique message loud and clear, that they’re passionate about people, i.e. the customers and their employees. They’re passionate about being fair, so providing their customers with the best possible prices and quality, whilst treating their employees throughout the whole business as equal. Aldi make it well known to customers that their needs are the focus of everything, and that they can do this by motivating employees to be just as passionate. This resonates well with customers, and in many cases it may be the deciding factor as to why they shop with Aldi over competitors.


In business, it’s all too easy to put on a very serious front, leaving your fun personality at the door. But to stand out from the crowd you need to show a mix of both! People connect with humanity and human values, so creating a relatable persona humanises the business, making people more likely to connect with you. Developing a relationship with customers is key! Social media marketing will help you to connect with customers in a more authentic way. This is where you can add personality to your brand, it’s a chance to show a fun side of your business, and remember, it’s not all about pushy sales.

With an understanding of what customers want, it’s also important to research what other businesses within the same target market are doing. First, look at the direct competition and compare their strengths and weaknesses against your own. This will provide more of an insight into where your competitive advantage lies. Make sure you market your advantages in a unique way; this is what will grab your customers’ attention and potentially their loyalty.


A crucial way to stand out in a crowded market is to keep up with commercial trends. The way to do this is by reading! Read as many marketing magazines, as many business blogs, and as many newsletters as you can. It’s also good to spend time on social media, not just posting your own content, but to see what’s trending and what other brands are posting. By keeping up with commercial activity and future trends, you could be the trendsetter in your market.


In fashion, to stand out designers have to have their own signature style. Well, for brands it’s the same! Get creative with your brand style, and design a logo and website that is original, eye-catching, and that you’d be happy to use over and over within the work that you do.

Following these six tips would be a great place to start to help your brand stand out within a crowded market. Making the most of your USP, humanising your marketing approach, and spreading your passion, are some of the ways that you can create a unique position for your brand, without compromising on its ability to reach traditional or mainstream customers.

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