9 Online Tools for Customer, Social Media and Competitor Analysis


You want to improve your social media marketing; but where do you turn to for meaningful stats? There are some great analysis tools out there that can help make sense of the action you take on social media, such as:

How have your followers grown? Which posts perform best? Which times are ideal to post?

The answers can be right at your fingertips; you simply need the tools to help you find them. I’ve compiled a handy list of popular tools that can help determine what’s working for you and your competitors, and what isn’t; the reasons behind it, and how your audience is reacting.

Google Analytics is the number one tool for analysing website traffic. But, did you know that part of the analysis allows you to find out about the referral stats of your social media marketing too? Well, it does, and this is how you do it: Click through to Acquisition > Social > Overview, and you can check how many visits your site receives from each of the major social networks. If you add goals to your Google Analytics tracking, you can also see the direct impact of social on the goals and paths.

Keyhole is a tool that offers a free preview of its hashtag, keyword, and account tracking services. For hashtag and keyword tracking, Keyhole delivers a rich source of information such as reach, top posts, shares, and more. It also allows you to perform account tracking; with this you can monitor your brand or competitor’s engagement on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Buffer has a great free plan, where you can get all the significant engagement stats for every update you post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. A valuable feature that Buffer offers is the Top Tweet/Top Post badge that pops up when an update goes above the average performance. Keep in mind that Buffer only tracks the posts you make through its scheduling platform.

Use Quintly to measure your profiles against competitors! The free plan permits you to access analytics for up to three Facebook pages, offering stats on the main engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares, in addition to stats on follower growth. When you add several pages, you can instantly see how the pages compare on the graphs. This makes it a go-to tool for competitor analysis and goal setting.

Social Rank allows you to manage and analyse your Twitter and Instagram followers. It also provides a summary report of your followers including their distribution, top locations, popular words in bio, and much more.


WEBSTA is an Instagram only management tool that allows you to not only analyse, but also comment, create up to three custom feeds of Instagram accounts you’re interested in, and explore featured users and top hashtags.

Iconosquare is a platform management tool, however it comes with a thorough Instagram analytics suite. The dashboard has everything from engagement stats, to optimisation suggestions, for example it tells you the best times to post, and which filters to use. You can also choose to receive emails that summarise your main metrics.

TweetReach is a platform that performs as a search engine tool. Simply type in a keyword, hashtag, or username, to find the analytics behind your term. This tool is useful for researching trends, and finding data such as reach and impressions. TweetReach also gives you a long timeline of tweets to inspect.

Tailwind is an excusive tool designed to optimize your Pinterest strategy. You can use it to track engagement metrics, as well as how your posts perform based on boards, keywords, hashtags, and categories. From these stats, Tailwind will find content for you to share. There’s also an integration of Google Analytics, meaning you can analyse website traffic and revenue from Pinterest.

These 9 tools are sure to help with your customer social media and competitor analysis! Make sure you’re choosing the right tools for the right platforms, and don’t overcomplicate things by trying to work from too many. I’d love to hear how you gain insight into your social media data, so feel free to connect.

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