9 Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Business


Instagram Stories has been a hit since the get-go. When it was launched in August 2016, it rallied up 100 million daily active users within just two months. The feature is a copy of Snapchat’s own ‘Stories’ function that features a 24-hour timeline to post short videos and images that users can share with their followers. After the 24-hour period, the content vanishes for that “in the moment” feel – a contrast to Instagram’s profile feeds where your images permanently form a square collage.

But how can you use Instagram Stories to promote your brand, products or services? Get it right and you can provide your followers with a great insight to your company, build loyalty and ultimately, encourage future sales.

Here are my top 9 ways to use Instagram Stories for business:


Guest hosts are a great way to attract attention to your stories. It gives influencers in your field the chance to express themselves on your profile and make your content relatable for your followers. It will increase your credibility and allows them to be creative with the content they put out.


Keep your branding consistent by taking advantage of the app’s editing tools. Why not use the same coloured backgrounds and texts that match your branding? Keep your formatting as similar as possible, without being boring and you’ll instantly become recognisable to your followers.


It’s not new to hear that us humans are very nosey – especially online. We all want to see what’s going on in each other’s daily lives and there’s no better way to have an insight than on Instagram Stories. You could do a ‘day in the life’ in your office or if you’re out and about, show them what you’re up to. Make your followers feel like insiders.


Show off your products by giving sneak peaks on your story. Demonstrate how something works and advertise how your followers can get their hands on it. New product reveals are also a great way to engage your audience.


Whether it’s your own event or you’re attending someone else’s, show the world what’s happening. A few short videos of weird, wonderful or informative happenings will be sure to grab your following’s attention.


A great way to drive sales is through advertising limited offers. Don’t over-do it, but always announce those too-good-to-miss discounts to catch the eye of your audience.


Keep an eye on what’s trending or if there are any special occasions coming up. Try and relate your stories to what’s going on in the world to show that you’re current, fun and keeping with the trends.


If you make a lot of videos, animations or blog content, show a sneak peak in your Story and tell your followers where they can go to check it out in full. Use Instagram Stories as an advertising space for your own content.

9- Q&A with Instagram Live

Similar to the Facebook Live feature, Instagram Stories also notifies your followers and allows you to go live with Instagram Live. Once you’ve finished the live session, it disappears adding even more of an “in the moment” feel. However, this is a fun way to provide an exclusive Q&A session with the app, allowing your followers to leave comments.

Now Over To You. . .

It’s your turn to give it a go and see what you can produce on your own Instagram Story!

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