Choosing Content Marketing Topics for Maximum ROI

Content marketing has become a crucial part of online marketing strategies. It’s the most cost-effective way to generate new leads and gain loyal customers – when it’s done right. Success will only follow from creating the right amount of content, which perfectly fits your brand.

Here are a few tips on how to make this possible:

Choosing the right content

The best content topics are those that can produce the greatest business results, or the greatest ROI. You need to create something your audience finds both valuable and engaging, in order to ignite a conversation. Start by creating a goal-specific list. Think about what issues or questions you want your content to help solve. Brainstorm a list of relevant topics and then narrow down the list to the best possibilities by using these four steps:

  • Collect data

Gather all supporting data related to your topics. Your audience need to be interested and your internal search data should reveal the themes that will work. Discover what keywords people use to arrive at your website and which topics are frequently touched upon on their social media feeds.

  • Organise

Once you have this information, organise your findings into a table to make it easier for you to work out your top scoring topics. You’ll notice that a lot of common themes will surface, so highlight the most popular.

  • Make cuts

From the data on your list, you should be able to see the number of people who care about or find a topic useful. The greater the number, then the higher the topic’s potential reach. Cut your list down further by only keeping topics with the highest revenue potential.

  • Check

Finally, make sure your list reflects your overall marketing strategy. Do you want more visitors coming in, or do you want to upsell to your existing customers? Will each topic add volume (audience reach) and value (benefit to your business)? If the topics look to match your strategy, then this is the best content to go for.

Tips for content distribution

Now that you have a list of maximum ROI-producing topics, you need to strategise how you’ll create and distribute the content to your audience…

  • Stay consistent with delivery

Once you have mapped out a content strategy, it is important to stick to your schedule. If the audience gets used to multiple updates and then all of a sudden there isn’t new content for a while, it could cause you to lose those valuable readers you worked so hard to get.

  • Don’t ignore old content

Don’t throw away all the time and money you spent creating great content the previous week or even the month before. You can’t just focus on new content creation. Devote some time to remarketing the older content as well.

Make sure to reference previous content within newer content to help drive readers to your older posts. Another great way to recycle older stuff is to include it within email marketing. Choose relevant links to content to increase engagement from your audience on your website or blog. This is a great way to stretch every marketing penny.

  • Create content with SEO in mind

Creating content that is both highly engaging and also optimised for the search engines can help to attract organic visitors. Create content with the end-user in mind first and then tune it for SEO benefits. However, you must make sure that it doesn’t impact the quality of the content. The extra effort is well worth it as it can be incredibly helpful for companies working with a very tight marketing budget.

If you’d like more information or advice on marketing your content, or if you’re looking to outsource your content copywriting projects, feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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