Geotagging Your Content to Get Your Brand Noticed

In today’s increasingly digitalised world, it has become essential for brands to make use of the digital tools at their disposal in order to establish and maintain a competitive edge. And, ‘Geotag’ or ‘Geotagging’ is your answer! Geotagging is one such tool that has recently emerged, and is now delivering substantial benefits to those brands that are harnessing it to their advantage.

Geotagging can be used in various ways and is especially useful for traditional style brands based in fixed physical locations. For these brands, geotagging offers an effective means of highlighting awareness of the location of their premises online, can generate opportunities to engage with potential customers or clients within a brand’s specific locality, and can serve to increase brand awareness among certain demographics that they wish to target.

Before discussing how geotagging can benefit your business in greater detail, lets establish, for those who may not know, exactly what geotagging is.

What is Geotagging?

Geotagging is the practice of tagging a precise geographical location to an online feature, be it a website, an RSS feed or a post. A post can be anything from a status update, a tweet, a photo, a video, a blog post, or any other form of media published on the Internet.

The most common way in which geotags are used are as a means of explicitly referencing the location of either where a post was submitted, or, the location of post or a website’s subject matter.

1- The Benefits of Geotagging Websites

The immediate advantage gained by a fixed location business from geotagging its website is that it becomes easier for search engines to recognise exactly where that business is based. With a clearer understanding of where the business is located, search engines are more likely to yield the company’s website in search results generated by searches based on their specific geographical area. This therefore has the effect of increasing the business’s visibility online.

2- The Benefits of Geotagging Social Media Posts

In addition to geotagging their websites and website content, brands conducting their business from fixed physical locations will find that geotagging their social media posts will also deliver auspicious results.

Bearing in mind that many social media platforms now include the option to modify searches to gather location specific results, by geotagging their posts, brands can increase their online presence relating to their immediate geographical area. This increases the likelihood of users finding a brand’s online content when creating searches based upon a particular location.

Many social media platforms now also allow users to share content based on geotags, and by clicking on a geotag users can view all of the previously uploaded posts that have included that tag. Consequently, by regularly publishing geotagged posts, businesses can make themselves known to, and exhibit their products or services to all users clicking on the attached geotags, wherever they may be featured.

3- The Benefits of Geotagging Local Places

In addition to geotagging their own locations,  brands should also consider tagging certain locations within their local vicinities. Doing so allows them to target people in particular nearby areas. Tagging local events for instance, can prove to be a very effective way for brands to target those specific event demographics in attendance. For example, a brand wanting to expand its awareness among sports enthusiasts would benefit from geotagging a local sporting event.

This form of usage is one way in which online brands can also make effective use of geotagging. Though such brands may induce better results by geotagging the larger events relevant to their industry happening within their typically much broader areas of operation.

4- The Benefits of Sharing External Geotagged Posts

If you so wish, you can also easily find and share posts created by customers, clients, or whoever else may have created posts that have geotagged your brand’s location. If external posts speak favourably of your brand, or your products or services, such posts can provide your brand with a repository of potentially superb marketing material. Sales leads are much more likely to trust customers who attest to the quality of products or services than the brand making money from selling them.

Sharing external user’s posts also carries additional benefits – sharing provides a great way of engaging with and building relationships with your customers and again helps to increase online awareness of your brand’s physical address.

So, in light of the above, geotagging has multiple potential usages that can serve to provide your brand with multiple potential benefits. It can help to increase awareness and the visibility of your brand’s physical location online, provide additional ways of engaging with both prospective and existing customers, and serve as a way of targeting specific demographics.

For these reasons, geotagging is a versatile tool that’s well worth exploring for your brand , if you haven’t done so already.

And just as a final point, although geotagging can, and does offer brands a variety of benefits, it’s also important to remain aware of the possible dangers of sharing your location online. Remember, consider your own personal safety first and foremost, especially if you work alone or from home.

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