How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Channels

Choosing the social media channels best suited to your brand and industry is most important. Because if you don’t spend quality time on it, even your best marketing efforts will be in vain. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate social media channels for your brand, you can start looking into how to make the most of your chosen social media channels.

The approach to making the most out of your social media channels can differ. In this post, I’ll focus on some of the effective ways to get you started in the digital world.

Social Media Management Tools

Managing all social media channels at once can be stressful. Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer provide a dashboard where all platforms can be managed through a single window. Below are some of the key highlights of each:


A great web-based tool that allows you to post content and, engage with followers from different social media channels. These cover the popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. The free version allows up to 3 platforms and basic analytics reports.


Buffer’s free version will effortlessly handle your social media channels and let you interact with your audience. However, it only allows 10 scheduled posts per profile, without any analytics reports.

My personal preference is Hootsuite, but don’t let me stop you from making your own choice. Have a look at both, weigh their pros and cons and work out which one is most suited to your current needs.

Scheduling your posts and content with these tools is one way of making the most of your social media channels, while saving a substantial amount of time.

Social Media Analytics

Looking into figures and statistics is a task that not everyone enjoys doing. But, each portion of data points to a potential lead. For example, investigating a pattern in your social media analytics can tell you where a lead was generated.

Facebook Insights

Easily view audience data with details such as age, location and gender alongside post engagement, comments and likes. Facebook will also send you weekly insight reports via email.

Twitter Analytics

Integrated in your Twitter account, this tool grants you access to data such as new followers, re-tweets, likes and the level of interactivity with your post. You’ll also be able to see which tweets were trending and the amount of traffic they generated.

Paid Social Marketing

Investing in social media marketing can make a huge difference to your strategy. Popular platforms offer brand owners the opportunity to showcase their content or services to different types of audiences.

Facebook Promoted Posts

It can be difficult for brands to increase exposure on Facebook with all the new algorithm changes. However, allocating small amounts from your budget towards your Facebook marketing spend can have a huge impact. This allows you to reach audiences in different locations in the world, by choosing the age range and gender of the audience you would like to target.

Twitter Promoted Tweets

A feature that allows you to promote tweets to wider audiences. You’ll only pay for the amount of clicks on your tweet. It can be used as a direct approach, as opposed to Facebook – where users could be distracted by other content across their timeline.

LinkedIn Ads

Promotion on LinkedIn is often targeted to corporate users, recruiters and B2B customers, but you can still reach a specific target audience. Ads consist of a brief description of your business along with a name, image and a hyperlink.

Social Media Strategy

Being active on social media without a strategy can take a lot of your time and effort without delivering significant results. You can expect a better outcome by having a trail of relevant content planned beforehand.

Marketing Calendar

Scheduling weekly posts will prevent you from having to source or create any last minute content on social media. Consistent posts will portray an active presence and keep your followers engaged.

Content Optimisation

You may share the same content across different platforms. However, it is important to note that the tone of your post has to reflect the chosen social media channel. Also, when it comes to images, they should be optimised according to the specific channel’s guidelines. For example, Instagram mainly consists of square shaped photos. Therefore, optimising your images will ensure that all your posts are seen in the appropriate resolutions.

Analysing Results

At the end of each strategy you should examine what worked, what didn’t and what needs improvement. Data such as followers, leads and engagement can be gathered and examined in order to plan and implement a superior social media  campaign strategy in the future.

Audience Involvement

It is important to understand that people today use social media not only to communicate and interact with others, but also to gather information and keep abreast of the latest industry news. So, as a brand, connecting with your audience is key to developing long-term relationships and building a loyal customer-base.


Whether it is customer support on Facebook or a business conversation on Twitter, staying in touch with your audience is key. Any post related to your brand is an opportunity for exposure, engagement, and lead generation.

Trending #Hashtags

Adjusting your content from time to time and including trending hashtags in your posts is yet another way to let others discover your brand.

Latest Trends

Brands tend to keep up with the latest trends on social media by posting relevant and related content. It could either be in the form of a hashtag, an image or a video – as long as they hold the potential of attracting new audiences.

These are just a few of my tips to help you with staying on top of your Social Media Marketing (SMM) game. The key is to remain consistent and always be open to using a variety of effective social media tools. If something didn’t work, then don’t stress too much about it. Instead, focus on finding out why, and then come up with a different strategy for your next campaign. There is no right or wrong. Social Media Marketing is all about what works best for you and your brand.

If you’d like me to cover a specific topic or address a particular concern in my future articles, feel free to let me know in the comment box below.

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