How to Manage Instagram via the Facebook Inbox Feature

Facebook’s latest update is all about ‘effectively managing Instagram via the Facebook Inbox feature’. Let’s find out if this new update is worth all the hype. Having so many different social platforms to keep up with can be time consuming. You may find yourself opening lots of tabs on your desktop, or apps on your phone, to check that you haven’t missed someone’s comment that could be crucial to your brand if not acknowledged.

Well, Facebook decided it was time to make our lives easier, by introducing a new way to access and manage Instagram posts within their Inbox feature. This feature can easily be found as a tab on any Facebook business profile.

But how exactly does it work?

Below are the 4 steps you need to follow to effectively manage Instagram via the Facebook Inbox feature

1- Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts

First, you need to make sure you’ve upgraded your Instagram account to a business profile on the Instagram app. This way you’ll be able to connect it to your Facebook business profile. When you open the new Facebook Inbox feature, you’ll get a notification explaining that you can now read and reply to comments on your Instagram posts. This should update automatically in your Facebook business page app.

If you haven’t already connected your Facebook and Instagram accounts, when you open your inbox and tap on the Instagram logo, you’ll be prompted to log into your Instagram account to complete the setup process. It’s as easy as that!

2- Respond to Instagram comments

Once your Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected, you’ll see all of your Instagram comment notifications in your Facebook Inbox. You can view the thumbnail images of the posts that have received comments, along with the first line of your captions. You’ll also see the usernames of people who recently left comments, along with the time of the most recent comment. To reply to a comment, all you have to do is click on it and you’ll be able to type out and send your reply.

Unfortunately there are a few engagement features you’re used to on Instagram that aren’t available in the Facebook Inbox. You can’t ‘like’ someone’s comment and the Instagram usernames aren’t hyperlinked or clickable so you can’t view their profiles. However, there is a delete option if you want to delete a comment from the post thread.

3- Organise your Instagram notifications

There are a number of ways to organise your Inbox, for both the mobile app and desktop. Any new and unread comment remains bold to highlight it until you open the notification, similar to an email format.

You can then choose to file notifications under different folders such as ‘Done’ or ‘Follow-Up’ and you can even mark a notification as ‘Unread’. Keeping your notifications organised will allow you and your team to better manage response times and engagement for your Instagram content.

4- Edit Instagram account details

The Facebook Inbox does also allow you to edit some of your Instagram account details. To access this, click on the down arrow next to ‘Help’ in the top-right corner of the page and then choose ‘Settings’. You’ll find that you can edit your account name, username, website URL, bio description, and contact information.

Again, some original Instagram features aren’t available when you edit in Facebook. For example, any formatting or spacing you use in your bio won’t necessarily transfer over to the Instagram layout – which could be quite annoying for perfectionists!

Pros and Cons

If you have a very active Instagram account and receive a constant flow of comments, this new Facebook Inbox feature may be a helpful tool for your business.

  • The main advantage of using the Facebook Inbox is for the efficiency of replying to and managing your comment engagement. You have two social networks under one roof open in your browser, so you can instantly see both notifications and reply promptly, without having to switch between accounts. You can receive push notifications to alert you and all of your team to ensure nothing gets missed.
  • Anyone who is an admin, editor, or moderator on your Facebook page will have access to the Instagram account notifications. They’ll be able to respond on behalf of your brand without needing direct access to your Instagram account.
  • Another pro for this feature is if you change your website link frequently or update your bio description regularly, having the ability to manage those fields from your Facebook page may help you be more efficient.
  • However, since Facebook owns Instagram, of course they want to do what they can to keep you on their platforms. The integration of both platforms is almost inevitable, and could be seen as just a bit of a gimmick and actually not so innovative for you or your social media management plan. A lot of other dashboard tools may be just as useful when it comes to managing your Instagram notifications.
  • A few of the restrictions such as not being able to like comments or view people’s profiles could seem frustrating as you still might have to use your Instagram profiles to manage these functions anyway, thus making the Facebook Inbox feature redundant.

How do you feel about this  Facebook/Instagram integrated feature? Will you be using it for your business? Or are you using it already? Do let me know your thoughts.

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