Marketing Collateral Every Business Needs

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, having some form of marketing collateral is important. By marketing collateral, I mean documents that will educate your audience, customers, potential clients and other businesses about your own business. Marketing collateral is useful for growing your sales, as it can provide your customers with more information on your services or products.

Business Cards

Business cards are an imperative type of collateral, as you never know when you might meet a potential customer. They’re very useful for creating leads and making the initial contact. A business card should be fairly simple and include your name, company name, website and contact details.


Having a brochure with copy about your business and services or products is an essential piece of marketing collateral. It supports the sales process, by providing your customers with more information on products or services they could purchase. Design, branding and appearance are important aspects for brochures. They can often be the first document your customers or clients see, and therefore keeping it clean often works the best. Consider creating two different brochures, one about your business and one about your services or products, as it might be easier to get your message across effectively than including all the information in one big brochure.


Flyers are similar to brochures but shorter. They’re ideal marketing collateral for summarising your services, products or focusing on either one in particular. Eye-catching and attractive flyers are often most likely to appeal to customers, and aid in potentially increasing your sales.

Media Kits

If appropriate for your business, don’t forget to create media kits as part of your marketing collateral. They will usually contain a company fact sheet, products or services fact sheet(s), coverage and social media statistics, examples of work and contact details. Media kits are beneficial for businesses that work with the press, PRs and other brands.


Whether you’re selling a service or product, having some form of feedback will help to attract your customers. Reading the opinions of other users or buyers will provide potential customers or clients a reason to have confidence and trust in your business.

Case Studies

Case studies work well for creative businesses. They provide your audience with examples of your work and how you completed a given project. It gives them a brief insight into how your business works, as well as providing them with confidence that you will deliver quality work. Case studies are an ideal method for potential clients to discover if you can successfully deliver and even exceed targets set for a brief.


Newsletters are ideal for keeping your current customers and clients updated on your business. They can play a big part in your email marketing strategy. However, they are also useful to share on your social media and website, potentially attracting new customers.

It’s important to pick the relevant types of marketing collateral for your industry. However, every business should have some basic documents to create brand awareness and increase sales. If you need help creating marketing collateral for your business, please feel free to get in touch via this contact form to find out how I can help you.

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