Steff Lee Studios – Case Study

Rebrand / Relaunch: Website Copy & SEO


I was appointed by Steff Lee Studios to create engaging, bespoke, SEO crafted, and brand relevant copy, and on-site SEO for their website rebrand and relaunch.


I worked collaboratively with my client to ensure that I was creating consistent copy that held a true representation of the client’s image and voice. From banners and rich media, to landing pages and footers, I transformed my clients' notes into comprehensive copy throughout the whole website, ensuring all on-page and on-site SEO boxes were ticked.

Going Above & Beyond

In addition to creating the website copy and completing the SEO work for the entire website, I offered my expert advice stemming from valuable experience gained in social media marketing, to enable my client to promote their website rebrand and relaunch effectively.


I had one very happy and satisfied client at the end of the project.

A few months after I delivered the project, I was informed by my client that my SEO work had started to show results and that they started to see an increase in hits to their website as well as were receiving a lot of enquiries via their website.