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I was commissioned by ISUN Skincare UK to write and create engaging and informative content for their blog and social media channels.


I worked together with the brand to identify the type of content that their target audience was interested in. Following on from this I then worked out a content plan that covered topics that were not only of interest to their audience, but also ensuring the content I produced and delivered aligned with their marketing plans activities and achievements.


A client that was happy with the timely content that I produced, which was well researched, coherent, engaging and popular with their followers.


We sought the services of Juliana Rego to help us create relative and informative blog content for our organic skincare e-commerce store and social media channels. The content we received was well researched, engaging and popular with our followers. Everything was professionally presented and always delivered on schedule. It has been a joy working with Juliana and her team.

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