Social Media Marketing Trends 2018

Fresh into 2018, I think it’s the perfect time to run you through what will be the biggest social media marketing trends of this year. 2017, as I’m sure you have witnessed, brought with it many changes in the social media world: Twitter finally raised its characters to 280, Snapchat introduced its controversial ‘Snap maps,’ and live stream videos became the most engaging form of online content. Now, with the New Year ahead of us, it’s time to rethink your social media strategy and get on board with the hottest trends of this year; especially if you want to hit the ground running in 2018.

Video Domination

We begin with the incredible rise of video content, and it’s absolutely everywhere. People of all ages are now engaging with this type of content, streaming to millions on Facebook, recording 10-second clips on Snapchat or simply recording their latest vlog on their YouTube channel. 2017 has proven how incredible video has become when generating engagement and it has been proved more people like, comment and share video above any other type of content. It has therefore never been so important for brands to utilise video content within their social media marketing strategies, especially when building a following and engaging with their audiences. When it comes to 2018, it will be vital for brands not only to create this type of content in various forms on an ongoing basis, but to also have the strategy to tie it into their written content.

Personalised Content

Lazy, traditional advertising methods won’t cut it in 2018, with growing generations finding them transparent, generic and completely impersonal. There is nothing more frustrating then seeing a brand you know and love deliver content that’s totally irrelevant to your interests, needs or desires. That’s why it’s so important for brands to deliver unique content, in order to engage with their audience on a personal level. As social media analytics and business tools improve into 2018, marketers will have even more valuable information, enabling them to provide not just personalised content but personalised social media content.

Chat Bots

With thousands, or sometimes-even millions of followers on their social media platforms, it’s not surprising that 2018 will be the year of the brand chat-bot. Customers are now expecting rapid replies when it comes to engaging with brands, wanting quick answers to questions, queries and complaints. To achieve this would be near enough impossible for brands, so we introduce the chat-bot, designed to do the work for you. Chat-bots are applications built to simulate human conversation as a customer service representative, and do so in a personable way, despite being automated. There are currently 100,000 monthly chat bots on Facebook messenger, satisfying customers and building lasting relationships. This figure is set to rise in 2018, with more and more brands realising how effective these automated applications can be. We might even see more brands moving to Instagram or Twitter to utilise their very own…

Augmented Reality

The launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in late 2017, provided a new facility for augmented reality. Both devices incorporate a new chip, which allows users to experience extraordinary augmented reality experiences. This is likely to explode not just in the world of gaming in 2018, but also into the world of social media. It is possible that social media channels such as Instagram and Snapchat will join in and develop AR features within these channels, which their users can enjoy. Snapchat have already begun to utilise AR within 2017, allowing users to project their bitmoji or other objects into the real world. This is set to develop into 2018, with more social media channels introducing these features and more advanced AR technology being created.

Short Form Content

The rise of the ‘story’ whether this is Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, has lead to the popularity of Ephemeral content, AKA short form content. Short form content is usually only available for 24 hours, and then its gone forever. For a brands, this is a great way to attract their audiences’ attention whilst also tapping into FOMO, (fear of missing out.) People therefore will take quick action to ensure they don’t miss any vital content before it disappears, and marketers really benefit from this. Moving into this year, marketers need to ensure a successful short-term content marketing strategy is in place to engage their audiences and have a successful 2018.

It seems there are many exciting opportunities to come in the world of social media, from cutting edge technology to building those vital, lasting customer relationships. As we move further into 2018 we are excited to see how these trends grow and become embedded into our society, whilst looking out to see if any more are yet to come.

Is there anything I’ve missed? Let me know in the comment box below and I’ll add your suggestions to this post.

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