Stay Ahead of the Twitter Game with These 8 Easy-to-Follow Tips

Getting it right on Twitter can sometimes be tricky, and you sometimes find yourself asking questions like: What do I tweet about? How often shall I tweet? Am I making the most of Twitter? And so on… It’s also important especially if you run a business account, to make the most of the features Twitter are providing you with, helping you to gain more followers and hopefully getting you more sales.I’m here to answer all of your questions, and provide you with my simple, and 8 easy-to-follow tips to help you stay ahead of the Twitter game!

1- Keep it short

With Twitter raising its characters to 280, many individuals and businesses are stretching out their original tweets, just to use up their characters and fill up the space. This not only comes across as very obvious, but also gets very lengthy to read, resulting in your followers just skimming over or skipping past your tweet. Be sure to stick to the amount of characters you actually need and you’ll find more users will want to engage.

2- Use Visuals

It has been proven that by adding a visual to your tweet: an image, video or GIF, it massively increases engagement rates. In fact, when scrolling down their feed, followers are 3 times more likely to like, retweet or engage with your post if visuals are attached. For a business, it’s not just a great way to get your products seen, but it’s also great for bumping up your following.

3- Use relevant #hashtags

Hashtags on Twitter are so important; they allow your tweets to potentially reach all across the world, as well as help you to tap into relevant conversations. Make sure you find the ones that are right for you and don’t pluck hashtags out of thin air, do your research and the results will pay off. Also, try using popular but relevant holidays or worldwide event hashtags, e.g. #olympics2018 #happyhalloween #chinesenewyear, to get more exposure (only if it is relevant to your post).

4- Run a poll

In 2015, Twitter released its poll feature, which allows users to create a poll about anything they like and allows people to vote. This is a great way to engage your followers, and a fun way to spark an interesting debate. This feature also lets you run a pole on anything you like. Whether you want the public’s opinion on whether it will snow this Christmas, what to call your new pet, which election issue most people care about or what type of content they’d like to see from you, you can really ask anything!

5- Use the right image size

Moving on to the look of your Twitter profile, because this is just as important! It’s vital to know your image sizing, so make sure your cover and profile picture fit into the correct dimensions. If you have a disjointed or stretched image, you could be seen as an amateur, and it could stop people from clicking that follow button! Take a look at my blog post, Social Media Images Cheat Sheet, for all you need to know on getting your Twitter images looking neat and professional.

6- Know when to reach your audience

This is key especially for business accounts, because what’s the point in tweeting if the majority of your audience will miss it? By understanding who your target audience is, and when they engage the most, you can target your tweets at these specific times. This will ensure maximum exposure and engagement for your tweets, whilst also ensuring that they accidentally don’t miss them.

7- Write a down-to-earth, professional bio

When users fall upon your profile, it’s so important that the first thing they read is engaging, professional and interesting. So take the time to write a good bio! For a business, show you know all about your field, or how interested you are in it. Or if it’s your personal account, let users know what you’re like as a person, what you do and your interests!

8- Use Twitter tools!

Scheduling your tweets, organising your followers and shortening your links, can all be very time consuming and confusing. So don’t forget about the useful Twitter tools that are available, which can make your life a whole lot easier! For example, the social media tool Hootsuite allows you to schedule up to 30 tweets at a time (for Free users), on specific days and times to target the right audience for you. Research into the different Twitter tools and make sure you check out my blog post on 5 Useful Social Media Tools for Marketers, to help you find the right tools for you!

By following my 8 simple tips, you’ll be tweeting like a professional in no time! If you have any more Twitter tips and suggestions that you’d like to share, be sure to leave a comment in the box below.

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