Tips to Help You Spring Clean Your Life

As we wave goodbye to frosty-air and big wooly coats, it’s the perfect time to put a spring in your step and start to de-clutter your life. However, de-cluttering doesn’t just have to be in the conventional sense of a big spring clean of your home – although that does help! – But it can also mean within the mind and body. Whether it’s refining your relationships, reducing stress factors, cleaning your beauty routine or working on your fitness, it’s always a great time to create a happier you.

Did you know that spring is a better time to detox than January? With the weather getting warmer and the sunshine getting brighter, you’ll feel a lot more up to embracing a real detox within your lifestyle. With Easter on the horizon, flowers blossoming and newborn animals coming into the world, you’ll definitely be in the mood to explore new beginnings for yourself.

Here’s where you could start:

Tidy your environment

It wouldn’t be a spring clean without a clear out of your home, workspace or even your car. A thorough sort-and-throw-out session can be very therapeutic, and as the saying goes ‘tidy home, tidy mind’. Target your wardrobe, your magazine, CD and DVD collections, your cupboards filled to the brim with old unused past-times, and make way for new buys throughout the year. There are loads of ways to de-clutter, from donating things to charity, selling online or finally making a trip to the tip. Make this your first step and the rest will be a breeze.

Cleanse your beauty routine

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a successful beauty routine that best suits you and works for your skin. It can be even better if you know what you’re using is not only good for the planet, but also cruelty-free. Natural and organic skincare and beauty can be a really positive change to look into, to improve the appearance of your skin and to have a conscious mind. There are so many makeup brands nowadays who do not test on animals and skincare brands that incorporate all-natural ingredients, all you need to do is dig a bit deeper in your research to find the most suitable products for you.

Clean your diet

Over the winter, we crave hearty food and treats that aren’t normally too great for our health. If you’ve found yourself saying yes to more and more naughty foods that you know you shouldn’t, it may be time for a dietary rethink. It’s important to make sure you’re getting a balance of nutrients, and a variety of fruit and veg will definitely help you out here. We can all get a little uninspired when it comes to eating a clean diet, so try switching up the meals you eat regularly and experiment with new healthy recipes. Look into seasonal spring dishes and incorporate some healthy dishes into your day-to-day meal plans.

Spice up your fitness regime

Whether you’re a committed gym-fanatic or have no idea where to start, a change in your exercise regime can do wonders for you. Why not set yourself a goal to focus on, such as running a 10K charity run or signing yourself up for new classes and challenges such as zumba and yoga? Not only will you be keeping yourself in shape, you’ll have a chance to meet new people and give yourself a real sense of achievement. Also, the endorphins boost will help keep stress at bay, ideal for cleansing the mind.

Ditch your tech habits

As great as it is to have an endless supply of entertainment at our fingertips with our phones, laptops and tablets, it can be distracting from other things you could be doing. Instead of scrolling down your newsfeeds, why not look for a new hobby to take up that’s a lot more beneficial for you? Try a new sport, learn a new craft or even switch your kindle for an old fashioned book. Interact with your loved ones more – not just via Facebook – to help you feel more productive and boost your mood. There’s no excuse now the weather’s nicer too!

Improve your emotional wellbeing

Ditching devices, spending more time with loved ones, improving your diet and cleaning your environment are all great factors in creating a healthier mindset. However, sometimes you need to dig a little deeper and take a step back to analyse how you really feel. If something in your life is draining your energy, whether that may be a relationship, your job or an activity you no longer have a passion for, you need to be honest with yourself and do the best for your mental health.

Surround yourself with loyal people who have your best interests at heart. Getting rid of negative people in your life can be an incredible stress relief and make you a much happier person. Also, if you’re in a career that’s no longer right for you, discover the best way for you to progress in a different field of work that will revive your desire to get-up-and-go. Make it your goal to achieve a better you this year. If that’s studying for a qualification, looking into a more suitable role, or setting up your own business, work hard at it and the rewards will come.

Try your best this spring to spring clean your life! And remember, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be only in spring – you can choose to do so at any time that suits you best during the year.

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