Top 10 Apps to Increase Productivity

There’s nothing better than starting a new diary or a fresh page of a pretty notebook, but there are times when digital works best, and with technology advancing so much in the last decade we are now spoilt for choice when it comes to apps that help us improve our productivity levels. There’s also the added benefit of less paper waste, along with the improved synchronicity between different devices, meaning less time wasted, so here are the top 10 apps to increase productivity in your personal and professional life.

1- ToDoist

ToDoist is a simple yet powerful productivity tool to help users keep on top of their to-do list. It helps you to keep track of everything from your personal and professional life. The great part about ToDoist is the fact that it is free and has a fun element of giving points, known as karma points, for every task completed. You also lose points if you don’t complete tasks on time and make this app interactive by allowing you to compete with friends, family and colleagues.

Teams and small businesses can collaborate on projects, giving out colour coded priority levels to members, and ToDoist can be integrated with other apps like Dropbox, Alexa and Google Maps. There is a cost for a business account, around £30 for the year, but if you don’t need to collaborate on projects, the free version is perfectly fine.

2- Evernote

Evernote is the place to store everything from social content ideas to new business strategies and even your shopping list. Evernote allows you to sync across all devices, your phone, computer and tablet, so is the perfect tool to keep your work effortlessly organised.

It’s a great app if you need to work collaboratively to share and discuss ideas for your business, and also allows multiple participants to work on different projects. Another great feature of the app is the ability to effortlessly digitize, scan and organise paper documents, business cards and even handwritten notes and drawings straight to the app. You can use a variety of formats to help you with projects, from audio, PDF, web clippings and so much more.

3- Last Pass

We all know how painful it can be, trying to remember each and every password, this is where Last Pass comes in. Rather than trying to rack your brain to figure out your password, or having to go back and reset your password, Last Pass can help you to keep all of your passwords together in a safe place.

Having one master password to enter your Last Pass account you then have access to all of your passwords and accounts in a safe way. If you are just one person within your business, the free version is certainly enough, however there is a team option, which is £37.20 a year per user.

4- Google Drive

Google Drive is something many of us are used to, allowing file storage and synchronization service, which allows users to store files on their servers, sync files across devices and share files. This is the perfect tool to help you if you need to remotely work or if you are on the go, enabling you to edit quickly, and automatically update across devices.

5- CamCard – Business Card Scanner

CamCard is the easiest app to manage, allowing you to easily exchange business cards, making it the perfect tool for business owners, sales and business development or marketing managers.

CamCard is a more eco-friendly alternative to the usual paper business cards, by capturing business cards and information directly into your phone at meetings, events, tradeshows etc., making it easier to manage updated details and even change as each person moves to different roles and companies.  It also has the benefit of synchronizing across smartphones, tablets and desktop in real time.

6- Doodle

With Doodle scheduling a meeting becomes quick and easy, by inviting participants to choose their availability, you are able to choose the best time that works for everyone. Doodle saves the hassle of having to go between many people, trying to figure out the best times, it is a quick and efficient app that will save you so much time in the long run.

There is a cost involved, but if you are someone who needs to set up multiple meetings, it is worth the cost in terms of the time saved. The monthly fee is just over £3.

7- Tyme

Have you ever lost track of time scrolling through Instagram or spent half a day online but not sure what you were even doing? Tyme is a handy app to install on your phone or Mac to keep track of time management and how you are spending your time, so you can find out what is distracting you. It is also useful if you take on project-based work, as it can give you an overview of how much time is being spent on the project, and charge accordingly.

Whilst this app isn’t free, the pricing is affordable and worth it if you are trying to improve your productivity, with a one-off fee of £8.99 for iPhone and iPad users, and £29.99 for Mac users.

8- IFTTT (if this, then that)

IFTTT is a convenient tool that connects apps and devices together to make it easier for you. This platform is curated for every part of your life, helping you to streamline everyday processes, and reduce your time taken on each task. An example of IFTTT is when you add a to-do task via Alexa, Google Calendar will automatically add the events and sync to your calendar across your phone, tablet and computer.

9- Pocket

There’s so much interesting and informative content out there, but never enough time to get through it, making Pocket the perfect companion – your digital bookmark, keeping all of the content you want to watch, read or listen to, in one place. Once saved to Pocket, content is synced and visible across all devices, and can even be used offline.

10- Hootsuite

Do you struggle with scheduling social media posts? Then you need to download the Hootsuite app. Hootsuite helps you to plan and schedule social media content on the go, to various platforms, from Facebook to Instagram. You can quickly edit and make changes, as well as engage with your audience, making scheduling simple and easy.

Have I missed one of your go-to apps for productivity? Why not share your favourite productivity tools or apps with via the comment box below?

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